Friday, April 18, 2014

Finest Pub Grub in the USA

We’ve Got the Finest Pub Grub, Bub!

Everyone knows we serve great drinks at O’Finnigans but did you know we have the best Pub Grub in the USA? That’s a solid, Jack.

Let’s say you’re in the mood for corned beef. Well ours is made from scratch and slow-cooked for seven hours to bring out that great flavor only we can create. How about
French fries? Our “handcrafted” fries have a terrific spicy garlic flavor and a secret ingredient we keep to ourselves but we are delighted to share the resulting flavor explosion with you.

Filet sandwiches? You betcha, and again slow is the keyword with our Pub Grub filet sandwiches. We slow roast them and use only the finest top sirloin from local vendors so you are assured of eating the best sandwich you’ve ever had and that’s a promise.

We make our own taco fillings so when you bite into that tortilla you know your taste buds are gonna stand up and salute. We make our own salsa and ranch dressing fresh daily and just like the filet sandwiches and corned beef hash we use the best ingredients from local vendors.

We know you will rave to all your friends about the creations that come from the talented hands of the best kitchen staff in town. You’ll want to come back again and again to sample everything on our menu and then start all over again.

We serve the kind of quality, service and fresh tasty ingredients you just can’t buy. Unless you visit O’Finnigans naturally. Come down & try our Pub Grub here.

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