Monday, March 17, 2014

Funnest Bars In Everett

That'd be O'Finnigans, and that's not an empty claim by the way. We feature games like darts, pool, Foosball, what? Yep. you read that right. We have a Foosball table! There's also a punching bag machine so you can show off your strength, and I'm not being sexist when I say that, I mean ladies too. Did I ever tell you about the lady who belted me so hard I....*ahem* Never mind.

The punching bag machine measures the strength of your hit on a scale of 1 to 1000. Look at it as another way to feel good about yourself and what's wrong with that?

We have Karaoke and an exhaustive song list that is unmatched by anyone in town. There's a guy who makes the most delicious hot dogs you've ever tasted, an unbeatable cocktail menu, terrific food and on the weekends we feature a cadre of half-naked beauties offering Jell-O shooters. Yahoo!

If you smoke you'll love our covered area that has lots of seating and a big screen TV. Imagine that! No more feeling like an outcast because you smoke! Got a tale to tell? Our bartenders always have an ear to lend. Looking for that special someone? We have some of the best looking customers in the northwest.

"But I just want to chill!" you say and that works too. You can sit back and relax with the most soothing libations you've ever slapped a lip over. See, that's the thing about us, whatever you're in the mood for we can make it happen.

The funnest bar in Everett always has something going on and holidays get even funner! Got a reason to celebrate? In the words of that game show, "Come on down!" Trust me you will not find a more fun place to hang no matter where you look.

So whether you're in the mood for Karaoke 'til you drop, outrageously good food, amazing cocktails, Foosball, darts or a punching machine or just sitting and thinking, then just like our smoking guests, we've got you covered! Come visit one of the Funnest Bars In Everett

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