Friday, February 28, 2014

Cocktail Bar In Everett?

That'd be us. We have games like pool and darts, Karaoke, lots of big screen HDTVs and a state of the art sound system that'll make you say "What'd you say?" to everyone you're trying to talk with.

Okay just joshin' with that last one but truly our sound system must be heard to be believed.

Wait, did I mention cocktails?
Our cocktail bar menu has anything you could ever want in the way of delicious beverages and probably lots of drinks you've never heard of but don't let that stop you; they're all outstandingly refreshing.

Something else that makes us great is the people, both behind the bar and drinking and eating our terrific menu items. We have the most knowledgeable and friendly staff in town and some of the greatest customers, (Um that'd be you!) you'll find anywhere. Talk about feeling instantly at home, shucks the only way you could possibly feel more at home is to stay home and where's the fun in that?

We are the perfect place to chill with your buds or all by yourself, but be warned. You won't be by yourself long. Unless you try to Karaoke and let everyone in the place know how much you blow at warbling to the latest. Here's a helpful hint for nothing: If you choose to get up and sing, make sure it's something by Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato. I mean that stuff sounds so awful anyway no one will notice you couldn't hit a note with both tonsils.

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