Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Be Daft Punk At O'Finnigans

But wait O'Finnigans "How can I be Daft Punk?" you ask. Well I'm a gonna tell you. Daft Punk is all about getting lucky right? Well there's an easy way for you to get lucky. First just go to O'Finnigans and order one of their incredible drinks. You'll feel lucky all over. Next thing is scope out some of the beautiful and handsome folks who frequent this wild and crazy bar in Everett

Woohooo!! Now I'm not recommending you cop a feel right there in the bar but who knows as long as you're feeling lucky and you're really a deft punk, then maybe. Just be sure you don't get confused. It'd be real messed up if you decided to feel a cop instead. Not cool dudes and dudettes; those cats are usually armed.

Anyroad back to the matter at hand. Yeah I know the whole reason you're lookin' to get lucky is to avoid putting matters at hand....but trust me nothing is more fun and more exciting than hangin' out with your posse at O'Finnigans. This much fun and cool all in one place oughta be illegal.

But it's not. The crowd at the bar is rarin' to get happy and you just may be the one they want to lay their happy on. Good times, great food and amazing drinks. Did I mention Karaoke? Well...Karaoke!! What's more cool than making an ass of yourself in front of a room full of strangers? Nothing I say!

So get up get out get your freaky stuff on and chill at O'Finnigans. Why should Daft Punk be the only ones to get lucky??

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