Friday, January 10, 2014

Top Drinking Games At O'Finnigans

Well now you and you buds are all talked out at O'Finnigans Karaoke Bar in Everett, so what do you do? Here's what: Play some drinking games! I know to you drinking is a game but here's a couple quick ideas sure to result in  mass hilarity and maybe even a laugh or two.

"Where's your shoe?" This one's great and it's easy. All you do is wait until one of your friends has had his third drink then you quietly look down at his feet and yell, "Dude, where's your shoe?" Imagine the look of bafflement on his face when he looks down and sees
both his shoes are right where they belong: on his feet. I'm telling you this is freakin' hilarious!

Oh what? You don't think that sounds like fun? Dudes, you're at O'Finnigans in Everett WA the fun center of the Northwest! Okay, so maybe the shoe didn't get ya, but listen up. I got one called "Flip, Sip or Strip!" Hah! That got your attention right? Well this one's easy. Here's how it works: Flip a coin and while it's in the air call out your guess, heads or tails. if you're right pass the coin to your right. If you're wrong, pass the coin to your left and either remove one article of clothing or take a shot. To be on the safe side as O'Finnigans is a public place I'd drink many more shots than I would remove an item of clothing. Just sayin'.

I'm going to lay one of my favorite games on you now and trust me, you are going to want to try this just because it sounds so easy and you'll think, "Hey! I can win this or my name isn'"

This game's called "Fuzzy Duck" and it's real simple to play.  You start by saying "fuzzy duck" to the person on your left and that person says it to the person on their left and so on. It continues like this until someone decides to change it up and says "does he" which sounds like "duzzy".

This changes not only the direction of play but the phrase as well; players now must say "ducky fuzz". The game continues until once again someone says "duzzy" and the phrase goes back to "fuzzy duck". Each slip of the tongue means a drink must be taken by the fumbler. You might want to not drink for the first couple rounds if you want to win this one.

So there you have it, some of my recommended drinking games guaranteed to add to the fun of your time at O'Finnigans Everett WA, the place where you're going to have a good time whatever you play!

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