Sunday, December 22, 2013

Life Problems? Need A Friendly Ear? O'Finnigans Can Do That!

From time to time we all need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend, someone who will offer good advice or maybe just listen. Now you could always get a significant other to handle that but isn't that a lot more trouble than it's worth? I mean after you've spilled your guts and bawled like a kid who just swallowed his pacifier then what? I'll tell you: That other person is still around. You've finished talking to them but they won't go away and worst of all you've gotta listen to their stories and troubles now because well, they listened to yours right?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hide out from annoying family for the Holidays at OFinnigans

Need a place to hide out from annoying family members for the Holidays?

The holidays can be a good news bad news thing. The good news? Lots of presents, great food and time off from work. Unless you're in retail but we won't go there.

The bad news? Family gatherings. All right sometimes that's good news if you get along with them. But there's always one or two apples in the family tree you'd rather not

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why Vodka Red Bull drinks at O'Finnigans Pub improve your chances with women

 Want to know the secret to winning the race for the most beautiful women in O'Finnigans? Keep reading brother and I'll tell you.

Let's be honest here. You are not Brad Pitt, yet knowing you're not a Hollywood superstar you still pursue the hottest women at O'Finnigans Pub in Everett, WA.

Why? Because you're a guy and that's what guys do and every once in a while it works. Just think about it. There's an opportunity to walk out of O'Finnigans Pub with a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10.

A very, very slim opportunity. Pretty much nonexistent. But that's not going to stop you, pub hero. No way. You see the woman you want and nothing's going to deter you. Unless she gets a good look at you but that's why bars are dark.

In addition to determination you need sophistication, nerves of steel and the confidence to approach this goddess in the first place. By the way the first place should be O'Finnigans Pub else why try at all because we all know that is where the hottest ladies gather.

How do you get the cojones to walk the walk and sweep her off her feet? Easy. Vodka Red Bull, that potent mixture of energy and suavity that will turn you into the man you always thought you were. No one will dare get in your way, not even her girlfriends who see you heading across the room toward the object of your desire and immediately form a defensive line that puts the Seahawks to shame.

No matter. Fortified with Vodka Red Bull you will charm the beauty right out of her inhibitions and be the envy of every guy in the place as you proudly walk out the door with a Victoria's Secret model on your arm hanging on your every word.

It's an unbeatable combination: O'Finnigans Pub and Vodka Red Bull. Use them cautiously.