Monday, November 25, 2013

Hide out from annoying family for the Holidays at OFinnigans

Need a place to hide out from annoying family members for the Holidays?

The holidays can be a good news bad news thing. The good news? Lots of presents, great food and time off from work. Unless you're in retail but we won't go there.

The bad news? Family gatherings. All right sometimes that's good news if you get along with them. But there's always one or two apples in the family tree you'd rather not
spend time with. Or talk to. Or see. Your oddball cousin Luther for instance. You will never forget that Thanksgiving when the cat disappeared and Luther had little bits of fur on his mouth.  Oh sure he denied knowing anything about Fluffy but he never was a good liar and after your piggy bank was mysteriously emptied you never ever trusted him again. In fact you still wonder why he's not in maximum security somewhere having a good time as Malachi the Machete's girlfriend.

You don't want that scene to happen, oh no. Want to know a great place to duck those unwanted relations? A place to relax, sip a few of your favorite libations and hide from the family? O'Finnigans Pub. That's the ticket. Matter of fact that name is so relaxing and inviting.

You can avoid your responsibilities like crazy and chillax with some of the hippest people in town, and you know quite well those are not your relatives. You'll have such a good time you'll even be ready for Aunt Bertha's fruitcake when you get back home.

When you need to wash that fruitcake taste out of your mouth remember to head back to O'Finnigans & distract yourself in our Pool Lounge. Just don't tell the family.

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