Sunday, December 22, 2013

Life Problems? Need A Friendly Ear? O'Finnigans Can Do That!

From time to time we all need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend, someone who will offer good advice or maybe just listen. Now you could always get a significant other to handle that but isn't that a lot more trouble than it's worth? I mean after you've spilled your guts and bawled like a kid who just swallowed his pacifier then what? I'll tell you: That other person is still around. You've finished talking to them but they won't go away and worst of all you've gotta listen to their stories and troubles now because well, they listened to yours right?

The hell with that noise. Here's what you do to ease your worries and take a load off. Get over to O'Finnigans Irish Pub, the best pub in Everett, WA  and pretty much the whole northern hemisphere. Their friendly staff of helpful bartenders are ready and waiting to listen to every sad detail of your sorry ass life and the best thing is they won't laugh at you. Unless you're kind of okay with that of course and then sure they will.

But just wait, it gets better. You can not only cry on the bartender's shoulder, you can cry into your beer. Yep, O'Finnigans has the greatest selection of frosty cold ones you'll find anywhere and they have bartenders who will listen attentively and even offer some constructive advice. How great is that?

You will lighten your burden while sipping on a delicious brew and talking away about whatever's on your mind just like you would to a spouse but when you get up to leave the bartender with the friendly ear and great attitude will say goodbye and invite you to hurry back.

Think about that. You feel 100% better, you've talked out your worries and you didn't have to listen to someone else's problems. Plus you had some great beer! All this happened because you decided to go to O'Finnigans Irish Pub in Everett, WA and tell your troubles to someone who cares.

So nest time you feel all beat up by life head over to O'Finnigans Pub where all the bartenders have a degree in Beer Psychology 101.

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