Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to get lucky at O'Finnigans Pub even when you’re desperate

We all know that desperate men usually get no action, but desperate women always end up with someone. If you are a guy who has been on a dry spell for a while, you are
probably starting to grow desperate and you need to do something about it.  You can always go to the greatest pub in the world and you can be sure that on last call there will be someone who will go back home with you.
You can always find beautiful people hanging around at O’Finnigans, but even the not so attractive can always tart looking better after enough drinks have been consumed……just kidding though, all people are beautiful inside so it doesn’t matter right? And if external beauty matters to you then you can always rely on the good old beer goggles to help you through the night. The important thing to remember is that you can always find someone who to be with at out Pub. We are responsible for creating plenty of relationships regardless of how long of short they have been.
Just go to the pub and enjoy yourself for a while. Then wait until it gets late and everyone has had a few drinks too many, this is when you have to swoop in there and get yourself some interesting drunken conversations going with someone. You will talk about a lot of BS but this is just the foreplay to not going up to someone and simply saying “I want to take you home” or to the back alley. Once you have established that first contact you will be set to go, just avoid throwing up on this person because that could easily be a deal breaker. If it turns out it won’t be a deal breaker then you might in for a very interesting night.

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