Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sports Bar Bliss In Everett - O'Finnigans Pub

When you think of a sports bar it’s only natural that  you think of us. With lots of big screen TVs and a state of the art, (meaning LOUD) sound system you can watch all your favorite teams in the best environment anyplace. We are definitely not your average sports bar either, I mean in addition to the goodies I just listed we have a food and drink menu that has to be tasted to be believed. Why would you want to watch your team win anywhere else??? Sure you might think it’s better to go see the game live but be honest. Do  you really want to hassle with the traffic and the parking and the noisy guy with triplets behind you? Hmmm?

Absolutely not. You want to watch in comfort with a cold one in your hand on big screens with ultra clear HD pictures. There is no way you are going to find a better way to enjoy sports than with us. We have a talented staff that will serve up your order in style and even help you ♫root, root root for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame, ‘cause it’s ♫

Sorry. Got carried away there. But so will you once you’ve seen what happens here during games. I mean there is no way you can keep from yelling because the HD picture puts you right in the center of the action and the drinks and food hit you where your happy lives and the whole experience is just so fantastic you won’t want to watch alone, nope. You’ll want to bring all of your friends because there’s no feeling that beats watching your favorite team win with your favorite people. ‘Scuse me, I’m tearing up a little here.

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