Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cocktail Bar In Everett Called O'Finnigans

So I could tell you what a great cocktail bar we are but I know you know that right? What? You don’t?? Okay why haven’t you been paying attention? Let me tell you how great our cocktail bar is. To start how about the amazing list of delicious drinks on offer? Like what you say? Well…

Singapore Sling, Sand in your Shorts, Screaming Orgasm, Margarita, Martini, Appletini, Lemon Drop, Harvey Wallbanger. Wet your appetite? Yeah, I know I spelled that wrong, it should have been “whet” but I was talking about our wild and wooly wet cocktails and if I’d said “whet” that would’ve been wrong too. Right? Whet? I mean what?

Long story moderately shorter you have got to come by and try the incredible variety of luscious libations we have. But don’t stop there. Sit and spend some time talking to our brilliant bartenders. They can start, continue or kill any conversation all without missing a drop or messing up your drink order.

Pina Colada, White Russian, Sidecar, Mojito, (although if you have more than three of those you might want “lessjito”and more lime juice) Rusty Nail, Sex on the Beach, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary and that’s just the tip of the ice bucket.

Let me tell you, when you say you want a tremendously tasty tumbler of tequila we have you covered. Or any of your other favorites. Just ask and we’ll do it. This cocktail bar atmosphere is great as well because we have the best clients in the state. We have games, big screen TVs and an outside smoking area that’s unbelievably comfortable aplus…. cocktails. I mean like COCKTAILS, ‘scuse me for shouting but I just get so excited at the idea of relaxing with my favorite drink mixed to perfection after a hard day trying to figure out where I put my car keys.

Pretty sure our bartenders can help you with that too.

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